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What is 360 Booth Enclosure

wow effect 360 booth

Anything can create enclosed space for users takes video with 360 Photo Booth are 360 booth enclosures.

In general, below are 3 typical types of 360 booth enclosures.

  1. Pop up Canopy Tent
  2. Inflatables
  3. Tension Fabric Structure 

How It Helps

Wow Effect Creator

360 LED Booth enclosure create unique memories , people are more likely to refer your 360 photo booth to their friends and family.

Get More Exposure

You can add your business name and logo on the 360 booth enclosure, then poeple in the party will see your business and logo, which help you get more bookings in the future.

Brand Activate Event

People love to share photos of themselves on social media, so Brand message can be spread out to the world with custom print enclosure at their 360 photo booth event.

spiral 360 booth

Pick Your Style

How we help your business

Win Corporate Booking

The challenge to win corporate booking is the contact is not the decision maker.

So you need to do clear presentation.

Presentation with 3D mockups helps corporate client knows what you are offering.

360 LED booth enclosure we
free design service -

Free Design Services

Don’t know what to put on the 360 booth enclosure?

No worry!

We have in-house designer to help you, free of charge.

Get Most Out of Your Investment

Custom print logo 360 booth enclosure cost hundreds of dollars or even more.

Don’t worry.

We provide cost-effect reskin for the exist structure, you just need to pay small amount of money to reskin it as ne one.

replace graphic for 360 LED booth enclosure

Free Design Services

Don’t know what to put on the 360 booth enclosure?

No worry!

We have in-house designer to help you, free of charge.

free design service -

Works We Did

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360 Booth Enclosure

360 Booth Enclosure is a enclosed or semi-open space, normally it was build with tension fabric display system.

The reason why 360 Booth Enclosure use tension fabric display system are:

  1. the tension fabric display system is made with aluminum frame.
  2. The frame is built with sectional tubings, which allow frame is taken down in seconds.
  3. The tension fabric is pillow-case design, can be install and put off in secends.
  4. The tension fabric can be custom printed with logo or personalized message, which is perfect for branding or corporate marketing.

In general, 360 Booth Enclosure is equiped with color changing LED lights, it create unique and interactive way for guests to capture 360 photo booth slow motion videos. The end result is a fun and visually striking videos that captures the moment from every angle.

At Spinboothsupplies, we sells over 10+ different style 360 Booth Enclosures, price is wholesale price, with internaional shipping, no matter where you locate we can ship it to  you.

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